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We all love to cuddled, consoled, loved and respected. This happens from a mutual base. Unfortunately some end up being denial on the loving and caring issue because they cannot relate or recognise the feeling that comes with certain emotions.

Sometimes we feel lonely and fail to understand that it’s the need of being close to someone you care about.
We are already struggling in this world about

🔵Communication breakdown

Failing marriages or relationships due to failure of practicing the above mentioned.
Remember when the baby cries for skin to skin contact? That need does not change because someone is older.



A message to young sisters. Never use competition as Base. The disappointments are mostly around the corner. So was the advice to one client who actually asked about me personally. I promised her I will write this piece.
Being me is the key. Talking about me and not others is another key.
Acknowledgement of mistakes made and learn from them is a level higher that lift up others too.
Acknowledgement of what others do good gives a good feeling and makes you be far away from a jealousy syndrome.

When I speak to most of you I see that you really try your best to improve in whatever you are doing. Mostly I am asked how I manage to keep my motor moving, and where I get the energy despite the fact that I have deep challenges.

👉🏿I never compare myself with anyone

👉🏿I am at that age where I have had so much experience such that some of these things in life do not matter anymore,
nor determine whom I have become or will become.

👉🏿I came from nothing and I appreciate most of the things I come across. I value what I touch and treat that with a full heart not half.

👉🏿I lived and still live a hard life not so many know about, because what I hide inside is spoken out through my body. Those who know me can tell.

👉🏿 I am working hard to go for what that body and mind deserve.

The time I spend not discussing other people is spend working hard to maintain my mental health balance. Its soo important you know.

Fighting for the inner health of my kids is an untouchable treasure I know I have set out there. It was my body that worked for those 10 years. Day and night, sleepless nights. The aim was for them to fight diseases like today. To overcome situations where they may have to be dependant on medication.

Yes I did sacrifice that body. But with true inner PEACE. I will go back there I promise. I am not looking back but I to the future.

The Feedback from my children in the future and even now when I see them fit every day is a confirmation of the good work my big hormonal body has put out there.



Back to 2018 and 2019 when I stopped breastfeeding. This breastfeeding in particular started exactly in February 2008nand never stopped for a day.

Now 2021, I have lost weight. All I needed was being in Zimbabwe and eat natural food. I also started to feel the hormones stabilising after a year a that was 2020. Some things will never change as I have gone under 3 cesareans and thats very harsh for a woman’s Godly body.

I remember having deep conversations with midwives and Lactation professionals in Netherlands about my gaining of weight because of hormonal instabilities due to breastfeeding and GMO food, medication after ceasareans.
Many people were now arguing that a human in general should lose weight during breastfeeding, until I opened a ground for women who gained weight.
When I breastfed. My breasts became very big. I produced milk for 10 children and anyone who would want milk for the whole village could come and get some if the possibility was there.
I ate a lot especially when Jonathan, my son was born. He is a big muscled boy.
I gave milk to them for 6 consecutive months before they could eat anything. I never gave them any solid food. I magine how my sleeping patterns were like. Let me put this in points when I am going to post this on my blog.
After 6 months of milk only. I started giving them solid food as they were ready to digest properly. My children started immediately holding touching, feeling the solid food. I didn’t have to grind all of it. I wanted their MOTORIEK to be stimulated. Ofcourse how can I not know this when I helped my mother with my 2 little twin brothers when they were born. Even though they ate porridge, they still got chewy food to improve their motoriek.

Back to my weight. I was surprised that people in Europe would argue my experience based on research. Yet they then only spoke about women who go under ceasareans and never manage to breastfeed or only breastfeed for a few months. Only to stop because the dried up.
Yes medication through ceasarean can have side effects too. I refused to give my children any form of milk in hospital
Below you see me interacting with a lot of mothers who would come for Mbereko program telling their stories and that way we exchanged experiences a it was a good way to know myself and my situation much better. A BabyCarryWorkout program that I started was not for nothing because it made us as mothers realise how much we miss bonding with our kids whilst trying to heal from postnatal depressions and other situations of wanting to go back to work before we are totally healed.



When Babycarryworkout came up in my mind. My son now 10 years. Was just born and I was now suffering from my pelvis. We had an accident whilst I was pregnant. Burning would 3rd degree.
I went to a special Burning wounds hospital for 14 days and laid on 1 side. In total for 3 months. I immediately went for labour before I was totally healed.
Babycarryworkout was a program that helped me realise that most parents were probably going through a long process of healing after birth especially when not having family around who helped them properly.


A Breastfed Family and Society

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We did practice co sleeping and still do. check how much your children love cuddling. Check how practical this can be/

We have chosen co-sleeping with our third baby. We are sleeping much better and the baby gets enough milk and attention.




When thoughts are into practice. It makes sense what culture is alk about

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